Issues Known

As you might imagine, things sometimes are not all working as expected. Therefore also our app has some limitation we are trying to improve over the time.

1. Background location
The app does not yet support working on background. It stops working, if you switch the screen off. We are currently working on this feature and hope to solve this problem in one of our next versions.

2. Support for Wearables
Currently all warning notification are also delivered to your wearables. In the future we will make it much more efficent to get you updated by wearables only. Then you can put your smartphone in your pocket. Just a small glimpse at your smartwatch and you get all relevant information you need to know about your current flight.

3. Sometimes we have recognized (iOS only) that, when optionally booking to the Pro Version of FlyGuide, the app does not release its Pro Features. In this case please inform us via the Contact Button in the app so that we can enable those brilliant features for you manually. Sorry for inconvenience. We are working hard to solve this issue soon.

Pls, contact us, if you find any issues. Your feedback is highly welcomed!

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